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#1 Posted at 2018-04-27 18:59        
Hello, I recently published a mission I've been working on for a long time. Since some people had FPS issues, I had to make 2 other versions, a light (with less handplaced units) and an ultralight (with nothing else than the player and modules for random generated items/loot/enemies). *EDIT : there are at the moment 78 subs on the original solo version, and around 120 subs total for all 6 missions.*

Then, I had some feedback about people who would like to get a MP version. So I made a MP version for the original mission, for the light and for the ultralight versions aswell. So I now have 3 MP missions ALLOWING 30 PLAYERS EACH that need testing, and I only have like 5 persons that play ArmA 3 in my friends, all the others are from Dark Souls and won't player ArmA 3. Plus I can't get that servers to work, they are not responding, even with proper ports open.

So I need people who are used to play with friends that would be willing to TEST these missions of mine and to give me feedbacks on them, I am even ready to watch your gameplay through steam if you are ok with that.

I might take suggestions about the missions, but I might not integrate them, since I essentially need testing more about bugs/issues than features suggestions. If enough people ask for the same modifications, I will certainly do what they ask tho.

Here are the links to MP versions :

Original (filled with handplaced traps, enemies, vehicles, and details to make it more interesting to explore, in addition to that there are enemies and objects generated by modules, but all this might get your computer on his knees) :

Light (removed all handplaced enemies, there are only handplaced objects and details for exploration enjoyment, there are still module-generated objects and enemies, this mission will have better FPS) :

Ultralight (there is only the player and the modules for enemies and objects generation, no handplaced enemies or objects, but you'll have 60 FPS) :

If you want the original and solo version, here is the link, it also provides links to all other versions :

Please don't get upset on me, thinking I'm trying to lure new players, to get more subs or views. I actually really need people to test these missions out with their friends and give me feedbacks. I hope you enjoy your time on it, and thank you in advance for your help !

Cheers :)

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