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#1 Posted at 2018-06-04 10:41        
Hi everybody!

I've just finished this mission and would appreciate if somebody try and test it. Provide your feedback if you will play.

Armed Fallout is open world survival type mission based on Ravage mod by Haleks. Creation of this mission was inspired by good old games Fallout 1-2 and great Ravage mod. It's story is crossover of Ravage and Fallout plots, so it combines elements from both Fallout 1-2 games and Ravage. The gameplay is mostly a standart Ravage survival with infected and raiders, but there are many interesting locations present. Such as friendly towns, raiders camps, some Fallout style encounters, easter eggs and more.

Detailed description and objectives in briefing.

Addons needed: Arma3 Apex + DLS's; Ravage by Haleks

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