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#1 Posted at 2018-06-12 19:51        
Hello everyone. My request would be a replacement mod for Skoda cars and even for V3S and few others along the line, more info bellow. I tried googling this but apparently mod for Skodas only exist for ARMA1 which I doubt it would work on ARMA2 and expansions still not what I need. I also found bunch of other things irrelevant to ARMA2 so instead of wasting more time on the internet searching for non existant things I would like to ask for this or if there something like this already exists but for some reason google doesn't wan't to show me and someone knows please link me up with it. I would use this on a mp server too so hopefully that also can be possible. Or if there is a certain tutorial for all this I could give it a try. Link me up please.

Initially my idea was to replace Skodas with the Yugo 45 mod. I am updating it a bit again and would make it in different colors because the mod haves the police version and one black civilian while there are four Skodas: SkodaBlue - Car (Blue), Skoda - Car (White), SkodaGreen - Car (Green), SkodaRed - Car (Red)

So I need two more at least.

Or I would gladly make different colored textures for a different car that would fit in the Russian environment. But still need help with this because I don't know how to make addons I am only good with photoshop and know how to make textures the rest would be someone else's job.

For V3S I was thinking replacing it with "KAMAZ multi-pack" mod [link]:

Now there is also a S1203 that could be replaced with "UAZ 451 Pack" mod :

Old Skodas and similar vehicles simply don't fit in the Russian universe/environment also another reason these models are quite outdated no one really drives these cars anywhere in the world anymore it just makes no sense to have these cars in the game.

Also I am surprised no one ported these from Arma1. Note the Hylux wheels and bumper on Datsun variants

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