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#1 Posted at 2018-08-21 17:53        
I've been playing Arma 3 with friends for a month and we've been using AI units, each player with his own squad. Arma is a great game - we enjoy pretty much all of it, except for one small but frustrating thing: telling apart the AI in players' squads on map.

The problem comes when you'd have to relate the soldiers, their in-game (3D) markers and the info on the bottom of the screen - all this, to the markers on the map. You can't tell which is which. The only hint is their rifleman/machine gunner/medic etc. symbols and only this.

So what we're looking for is pretty much a mod or if nobody has thought of it before, to make one that displays the id's (numbers in squad) on the map.

If we'd make the mod, I wonder if it was possible to also see on the map which units are selected or even to be able to select them from the map.

Can anybody please give a hand and point us in the right direction? Can you provide some links as to what to start with in order to make the mod? Again, if there's no such mod already out there. Needless to say we have 0 modding experience.

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