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Not sure if this breaks topic rules. Just announcing a new scenario folks might enjoy. Cheers!

Operation details:
Operation Deadly Ducklings is an assassination mission tasking a highly trained fire team of 4 CTRG soldiers to swiftly kill and confirm the deaths of two high ranking Syndicate Chiefs code named ‘Forrest Fox’ and ‘Hell Hawk’.

Other details:
Balanced to be challenging for 4 experienced players.
Estimated play time is 30 minutes.
Can be played Single player or 4 man CO-OP.
Multiplayer AI can be disabled and the AI can be the team leader.
Five hidden achievements described in the Hidden Achievement section.
Mission has been tested for single player, multiplayer and dedicated.
When hosting on a dedicated server for some reason the first run doesn’t contain the briefing. If this is the case go back to the mission select and reselect Operation Deadly Ducklings.
Join In Progress (JIP) was not specifically tested for and may cause unwanted behaviours.
This is my first mission in Eden and would greatly appreciate any feedback.

Hidden Achievements:
‘Ten minute rule’: You didn't read the briefing because the task didn't need to be broken down. It only took you 10 minutes to Kill Forest Fox and Hell Hawk.
‘No guns for you’: Soon the Syndicate will only have their fists. All 3 weapon caches were destroyed.
‘Deadly Duckling’: From cover to cover you move undetected, ducking down into the dark. Kill Forest Fox and Hell Hawk without being detected.
‘The Inquisitive One’: Killings not enough for you. You needed to know what happened in Balavu. Find all Intel in the area.
‘Full Extraction’: All in, good! Everyone on the team made it out of the AO.