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MIL_CAS - Dropbox/Armaholic

MIL_CAS is a simple script to allow a mission designer to use the vanilla CAS Module in-game via scripting. All this does is perform the required actions to properly call BIS_fnc_moduleCAS. Best suited for ambience, the strikes shouldn't be relied on for 100% accuracy.

    - Position and approach heading can be defined.
    - Plane and type of CAS to be provided can be defined.

To use:
    - Copy the file MIL_CAS.sqf to your mission folder.
    - Run the script using:
    - nul = [_position,_direction,_vehicle,_type] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf";
    - _position - array
    	    - position for CAS to strike
    - _direction - number
    	     - direction for the CAS to approach on
    - _vehicle - string (optional)
    	   - default: "B_Plane_CAS_01_F"
    	   - classname of the plane to fly CAS
    - _type - number (optional)
    	- default: 2
    	- type of CAS to be used
    		- 0 - Guns
    		- 1 - Missiles
    		- 2 - Guns & Missiles
    		- 3 - Bomb

    - Example:
    - nul = [getPos player,240] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf";
    - Wipeout will fly in for a "Guns & Missiles" run.

    - nul = [getPos player,240,"RHS_A10",3] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf";
    - A-10 will fly in and drop a single bomb.

This uses the vanilla function BIS_fnc_moduleCAS for the actual CAS. All I did was make an easy way to launch it from a script.

Everyone knows what CAS is all about, but here is all four types being called in anyway (0.52):

If anyone finds any problems please let me know.

Thank you.

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Thank you very much for another great script release :-)
News is up on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here:

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