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#1 Posted at 2018-09-27 15:51        
Hello all, 1st time posting here.

I did a search for this topic, but couldn't find anything - very possible that my search-foo is too lacking. ;-) I find the flight models in ArmA 2 (don't own ArmA 3) for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to be too arcade-like. I realize that having a bit more fidelity in how aircraft handle is probably not what many players want, as no doubt many control the aircraft with Mouse+KB. That said, the game does support multiple HOTAS controllers and TrackIR, so it seems to me that adding more realism to the aircraft or changing the way they handle would appeal to some players.

So...I'm wondering if it's even possible to mod the flight models for aircraft and whether any modder has done such a patch?

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