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#1 Posted at 2018-10-28 10:15        
Just started out with map editing and have been watching a number of tutorial videos and reading the guides. Following the guide, and using the files provided by the author, I have successfully created a map with the exception of one texture. On loading Bulldozer it flashes up with the following error.

As a result the map is generally looking good apart from that particular texture, which being grass is kinda a biggy. I've read through forums and tried a few of the fixes suggested to no success. These have included uninstalling tools and reloading tools, substituting the file for a different one, double checking references in the code. I even increased the number of textures per cell from 4 to 5 in case it was that. Needless to say I'm stumped, and being a noob at this could benefit from some expert advice. I know it's something I've cocked up, and suspect it's in my code or map frame setting so I'll attach what I think are images of the relevant files/settings.

Many thanks in anticipation of any help anybody can offer. I know I'm close but not quite got the cigar yet.