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#1 Posted at 2018-11-07 13:45        
Hi all,

I have turned to you guys because this is killing me. I will admit that I am a greenhorn when it comes to map making and 3d modelling. Having said that, I have followed many different tutorials, yet, I noticed that many of them assume a certain level of knowledge already for its readers. Let me clarify.

II constantly see the words "satellite mask" or "satellite texture," but there are never any explanations as to what individual purpose they serve in the grand scheme of map building. Secondly, pigging-backing off of this, I am following the PMC Real World Terrain tutorial and have hit a fundamental roadblock. I am told that I need a satellite mask but I am not sure how to make one. I have my heightmap (extracted from Global Mapper) and satellite texture (which I presume is the tiles downloaded from Terraincognita), but what else do I need?

I noticed on his "Ultimate Terrain Tutorial" he used L3DT to generate a mask, texture and heightmap, but in the "Real World Terrain" tutorial there is no mention of using L3DT. I am assuming L3DT is not necessary?

Can somebody please guide me? I would greatly appreciate it. I feel that the answer is flying right over my head but I can't figure it out on my own anymore.

Thanks in advance,