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#1 Posted at 2018-12-10 15:56        
Hey Guys,

With your support, I would like to present my first mission with editor & scripting.

It is a normal assassination/intel-gathering mission, but I tried to flavor it as much as I can. I would also like to thank all you guys for helping me out.

I really do mean it, as some of you have already read my previous post, I'm a total newbie to editing & scripting and it was a great experience for me, trying something that I have never done in my life.

Hope you guys enjoy!

I also plan to make more missions including Maritime Hostage Rescue and Sea-born Battle-Royale, Mass Evacuation(MEDEVAC/CASEVAC) Operations
and I will try to bring up my past experience as a sailor.

Mission Info: Operation Primus Pilus(First Spear)

Type: Co-op, Infantry, Special Warfare, Vanilla
Mission: Assassination, Intelligence Gathering, Infil/Exfil
Map: Stratis
Avg Play Time: 20-30 min.
AI Difficulty: Normal / Many numbers
Respawn/Revive: Partially Enabled
Re-playability: Not so much

Mission Back Ground: Hannibal at the Gate
DEFSMAC have verified all intelligence(SIGINT, IMINT) indicate an imminent CSAT invasion through OTH(Over-the-Horizon) Amphibious Operations on Altis, led by Admiral Ackbar.

Ackbar, a notorious sailor and a strategic mastermind revered by his subordinates, was expected to be heavily protected by at Vaspus. It was just yesterday when the Joint Chiefs of Staff received unconfirmed intelligence on the location of the Admiral at Stratis.

With the POTUS approval, CJCS decided to make a bet and dispatched your team to execute all given tasks to delay CSAT offensive. However, this mission is a pre-emtive strike on CSAT which may lead to a global diplomatic dispute.

Therefore, should any member of your team be killed or held captive, the government will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

May the force be with you :)

=== Update Direction ===
1. Attach Add-ons to enhance realistic game play.
2. Design Factions much more clearly. BLUFOR - NATO OPFOR - Rival Faction instead of CSAT
3. Add multi-Trigger to add difficulty to INTEL gathering.
4. Provide more weapons/equipments to expand window of selection.
5. Balance Force Size / AI ability
6. Add Radio Voice Chat to make mission more realistic. I don't know how and how much effort is required, but I do hope on doing this.

=== Update Note ===
10 DEC 2018
1. Edited Briefing / Task Description for better understanding of the mission.
2. Set Support Helo invincible / unlimited fuel.
3. Added Virtual Ammiunition Box to Suppot Helo Inventory.
4. Set all tasks to be noticed/triggerd by all playable units.
5. Fixed Briefing Session to be available to All Players.
6. Fixed Enemy Position to fire the trigger more easily.

11 DEC 2018
1. Added Respawn System
- Respawn on death position
- Respawn Duration 30 sec
- Respawn Maximum ticket 20
- Should all members die within 30 sec, game over

2. Updated Revive System
- No Skill required
- No Item required
- Revival duration 10 sec.

=== Next Mission ===
1. Once I update my first mission to the fullest, then I hope to move on to make next mission.
2. Maritime Hostage Rescue through fully designing an Oil-Tanker.
3. Sea-borne Battle Royale to challenge myself creating a PVP mode.