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MIL_ClearGrass - Dropbox/Armaholic

Another pretty basic script, MIL_ClearGrass allows players to create firelanes through grass or to simply clear small patches of grass to give unobstructed observation. "Land_ClutterCutter_small_F" is used to clear the grass, and when clearing patches is spawned 0.5m in front of the player.

    - AddActions to clear a small patch of grass, or clear a point-to-point line through grass.
    - Mission designers can choose to enable/disable clearing of both patches and/or firelanes.
    - Mission designers can also add a required item to be in the player's inventory to be able to clear any grass.

To use:
    - Copy the file MIL_ClearGrass.sqf to your mission folder.
    - Run the script on clients (from init.sqf or initPlayerLocal.sqf) using:
    nul = [_availableActions,_itemsRequired] execVM "MIL_ClearGrass.sqf";
    - _availableActions - number (optional)
                        - default: 0
                        - determine what grass clearing option can be used
                            - 0 - both
                            - 1 - clear grass patch
                            - 2 - clear fire lane
    - _itemsRequired - array of strings (optional)
                     - default: []
                     - classNames of any items required to clear any grass
    - Example:
    nul = [] execVM "MIL_ClearGrass.sqf";
        - Players will be able to use both actions without restrictions.
    nul = [1,["ACE_EntrenchingTool"]] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf";
        - Players will only be able to clear patches of grass any need to have an ACE Entrenching Tool in their inventory.

Small demo of clearing some grass for a prone machine gunner (1.00s):

Known issues:
    - Be aware, it can be a bit fiddly sometimes to get the right spot to remove patches of grass.

If anyone finds any problems please let me know.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the new release :-)
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