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this is my first entry here and my english is not the best so please be forebearing with this facts. :)

i want to create a static uav-terminal usable for coop/ mp, where a player walks towards a static object (maybe a laptop or a tank or whatever) and gain access to the uav-terminal-overlay.

i found a script from chiefwiggum, who told how to implement and set it etc. i get it worked, but the problem is, that when i acces the overlay (where you can select the drone etc) it keeps me there for just 0.5sec or less. so i see the overlay in one blink, in the other its gone and i cant to anything but moving and playing without uav's.

is there anybody who can help me with this problem.

please note: im totally fresh in scripting and may nee some explanation where i can find things i have to learn and need maybe some additional information.

thanks a lot in advance and
kind regards

Added 4 minutes later:

Here are the things i found for this.

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