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#1 Posted at 2019-04-05 16:01        
UPDATE/RESOLVED: I figured out that the over-the-top blur was being created by Depth of Field. No way to disable it individually, so I had to turn all postprocessing effects to Low. Now that I can actually SEE my sights there is no problem. Can't understand why DoF is so extreme, and the way it works on the gunsights is simply not realistic.

I am a brand new ArmA player, though I have played the old Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon quite a bit. I started my first game and am going through the training courses and I am having major problems with qualifying with the M16A4. The problem is not my aim/precision, it's that I can not make out the sights. When I aim down the sights the color and blur make it so I cannot distinguish them at all from the background. My vision is not far from 20/20 and I have no issues seeing color, but for whatever reason those sights and the range behind it are identical.

I find it so impossible to tell the sights apart from the background (unless I aim it at the sky) that I cannot tell if my sights or covering a target or there's no target where I'm looking. It's awful, and I am simply not going to play the game like this. I need a mod or something to make the M16A4 sights higher visibility, or it's going to be unplayable for me. Just removing the blur effect might be enough, I don't care if it's 'realistic', I have never had that problem with a rifle in the real world and it's too obnoxious/impairing for me to tolerate as it makes down-the-sight aiming utterly worthless for me.

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