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#1 Posted at 2019-04-12 04:06        
this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {1}];

so that works perfectly to make a specific unit "One shot kill"

but what if I want to make all opfor effected by this code? how would I do it?

wanting to run the script through the init folder in my mission.

so yeah... been searching google for 3 hours and I can't figure this out. Long story short I made a quick "capture the tower" style mission for me and my buddies. We are blufor, all the ai are opfor. I need to make all the opfor die after one shot of any caliber no matter where the round hits on the body. Im using a SpawnAI module so therefore i need a way to address the OpFor faction in this code. The whole point of this is to have wave after wave of 100s of opfor and they all die in one shot, so we can have a lot of fun.