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#1 Posted at 2019-04-26 08:24        
Would like to ask a question about how I would go about adding new vehicles to the spawn menus.

I would like to add additional Hind variants, as well as some vehicles that aren't a part of the menus period.

I don't know if Losi is still around anymore, but I tried copy/pasting the AH-6 "buttons" and renaming to fit Hinds, but I was disappointed to find the game crashed. Would like to know if anyone has taken/could take a look at the "dialogHelis.hpp" file and let me know of they can figure anything out?

I know this map is OLD, but it is probably my most favorite map because of the spawners and teleports. I've already added new buildings and vehicles to the map, and more weapons into the crates, but the scripting is beyond me.

Thanks in advance, please someone help me out, I'd love to be able to add things!