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#1 Posted at 2019-08-17 02:22        
Hello! I am a member of a pretty great, somewhat active Overpoch(Overwatch + Epoch mod) community. We are lacking one critical element: the ability to quickly update Overwatch aspects of the server as per requests of the community. The main problem is that weapons are distributed among AI missions and other loot pools, however are not in Trader pools and cannot be purchased or sold. We want to put those Overwatch weapons into Trader pools.

What we need is some advice, walkthrough, or straight up free work to be done updating the server to include these weapons in the weapons trader inventory. If you have links to posts detailing how to update this ourselves, if you wish to jump on board and get it done yourself, or even simply have a tip or two please reply to this post and let us know where/how we can reach you. I will message you my Steam name and we can IM through Steam.

This isn't critically important enough that we are willing to pay for it, so keep in mind that while any contribution to this endeavor is greatly appreciated, it is beyond our ability to compensate for any time you take helping out. You may however be brought to an elevated position within our community and be given free reign to add in features to our servers. These include Arma 3 servers. If you are passionate about Arma and have the experience, we'd love to hear from you.


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