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#1 Posted at 2019-09-26 10:44        
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World at War is a Sector Control Warfare type Mission which has Persistent savable stats and many other features.

You only need Arma 3 to play this mission, you can still use all DLC weapons!
Having extra DLCs will allow you to use more vehicles.
No need for any mods!

That’s right just like King of the hill and other missions WAW enables you to save your money, experience and load-out.

But wait there’s even more, WAW also allows you to store your vehicles. That means that if you bought or found a vehicle you can store it in a special building near your base. So if you bought a tank and you stored in a Malden mission you can later use it on the same server even if the map or mission was changed to another WAW mission.

I made WAW to be very flexible, You can play it single player vs bots. You can play it coop with your friends or set it to be played PVP/PVE and up to 80 players, It is up to you. You’re in control!

The Parameters are very flexible so adjust the mission to your liking.

Each WAW mission will have a number and a letter C next to it which represents the number of sectors.

Mission Details:

Min players 1
Max players 80
Two Faction Csat/Nato


Mission Features:

Persistent Ranking
Persistent XP/CASH/ATM
Persistent Load-out features

Storable Vehicles and Aircraft in Vehicle Storage Facilities.
Anti Team Kill System with punishment.(Sorry Griefers)
Safe zone/Anti Grief zone/Anti Artillery/Aircraft Zone.
Artillery Request System [Only on Sectors]
Paradrop Menu Support [Request Vehicles and Items only]
Customizable Aircraft/UAV load-outs.
Vehicle Weapon and Defence Upgrade System
Logistics/Towing/Sling-Load System.
Money/Bounty/Bonuses System and Final Awards System.
Vehicle Shops/Helicopter/Aircraft/Boats.
Customizable Gear/Item shop.
Custom Weather Random System.
X2 Extended Fatigue System.
Custom Side Missions.
Custom Random time Start System/With Fixed Time Selection.
Enable Disable Weapons/Supports/Technology System.
Random Side Missions for extra money and rewards.
Lockpick/Claim Vehicle System.
Forced Grass On System with 100% Customizable View Range.

Customizable Mission Parameters. 100% Flexible for your Server or Computer.

Thank you for everything and I hope you like this mission. Soon I will have more of these mission for other Maps.

I can't wait to see players playing this mission on servers!

Version [1.2]
Steam Work Shop Link:
Malden 5C A3 Version
Altis 3C RE A3 [CQB]
Altis 5C A3 Version
Stratis 5C A3 Version

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#2 Posted at 2020-03-29 18:01        
Not bad!

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