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#1 Posted at 2019-10-07 10:34        
Good morning dear Arma 3 world, I have the following problem on the Arma 3 RP server where icgh games:

Yesterday there was a big update on the server, and since then about 8 to 12 people can not play it anymore because of battle eye problems.

We are always kicked on Connectix server on Battle Eye with the following message: Battle Eye Client not Responding.

We already deleted the Battle Eye folder, deleted MissionMP folder, dropped Arma 3, reloaded Router, restarted our router, our IPs was whitelisted on the server at Battle Eye.

2x the server was restarted.

Before the update was activated by the mod package I was able to play on the server without any problems.

Has anyone else an idea why it can be or how I can fix it with me maybe?

Thanks for your help, and pointless comments will be deleted!