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#1 Posted at 2019-12-10 15:27        
Finally after almost a year of suffering from tht curse i managed to fix this once and for all.. *YAHOO*
All i gotta do is telling u exactly what i did:
    I changed os from 32bit to 64bit
    Updated graphics card to latest update

Progs i installed:
    Directx (for sure)
    Framework 4.7.1
    Vcredist 2005 to 2015 (2013 is the only i installed 32 and 64 versions)
    Wize memory optimizer (i used it once but it maybe the key)
    Razer game booster (especially 3.5.6-Beta)

Sound Device:
    I always make sure selecting the lowest sound settings (16bit 44100)
    In game i selected 24bit

Arma 3 Profile Settings:
    For me i usually focus scene complexity cuz it occurs massive fps boosting (i make it=1)
    if u do modify make sure check read only for profile properties
    Yeah i turns tht vsync off for more performance
    I left rest of settings

Arma 3 launcher Parameters:
    -skipintro -nosplash -nologs
    Windows allocator=System
    Enabled large page support (make sure u have plenty of virtual memory)
    Usually i disable Analytics and BattleEye Cuz i dun feel safe enabling both of them
    No more parameters i activate

I'd like to tell u tht im playing arma on a very low end laptop (I will never stop arma nomatter what)
My specs:
Intel celeron n2830
2gb ram
Intel Hd graphics

If u feel like asking me abt something tht belongs to tht post here's my fb acc