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#1 Posted at 2020-03-22 18:47        
I am requesting Ctac Pretorians mod

I would like to see this in ArmA because I have in mind creating a Unit based on the Altered Carbon Universe with missions based on the how they operate.

The United Nations Colonial Tactical Assault Corps is a terrestrial army corps of the military of the United Nations Protectorate. It is tasked with immediate responses to acts of terrorism and rebellion on human worlds. Its members are highly skilled trained-to-kill soldiers.


Other useful information:
In the Image section are 2 3d models of of helmet and other of one of the guns.
all of the guns with info and pics most of the guns in this universe are energy powered.
more pics of the praetorian armor
I couldn't find specifics on their armor and helmet like armor level and capabilities of NV or Thermals but I assume they do have them and the armor is high level.