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#1 Posted at 2020-04-08 16:21        
I searched for hours and the only thing I found is these mods *SCRATCH* > changes TP's icon. > restores classic TP.

1 - Is it possible to get whether a player just used tactical ping or if a tactical ping marker exists ?
2 - How to get its position ?

Edit :
'mkay I could've try harder, waitUntil {inputAction "TacticalPing" > 0};
Would a good approach to get position be like so :

waitUntil {inputAction "TacticalPing" > 0};
_pos = qetPos cursorObject;
if (isNull _pos) then {
_dist = (([player, "VIEW"] intersect [_playerViewPos, _somewhereInDistance])select 0)select 1;
if (isNull _dist) then {
// player looked to the sky, no TP has been added
_dir = getDir player;
_pos = [player, _dist, _dir] call BIS_fnc_relPos;

or is there anything better ?

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