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#1 Posted at 2020-05-08 04:51        
MyMod.pbo signed a few weeks ago without issue.

Made updates to config and scripts, changed a sound file.

Now it fails to sign.

I can re-sign the old one without issues. If I change anything in the pbo at all it will then fail to sign.

I've been chasing this around in circles and need some ideas before I bail on this game for another three years like last time. Hoping someone here can help. I get almost zero traction on any technical issues in the BIS forums anymore.



Resolved but not really solved. Frankly, and this comes as no surprise to anyone, the tools and process is pretty fragile.

If I make all my changes at one, the process breaks. If I make the exact same changes one at a time, building and signing each time, it works. The end result is all of the changes made, built, and signed. But doing it all at once makes the tools poop the bed.

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