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#1 Posted at 2020-05-14 00:21        
I understand there is is a mod that does something similiar to this. It's SPPAck i believe. However i found a few ACUocp/multicm uniforms i really enjoy,and are current to date standard issue which i love because its real. However all these variants have no gloves. And i cant imagine any soldier setting out to missions without gloves.

Or this. Not sure if this is ARMA WIP. searched, didnt find not sure. THese would be great with kneepads.

FInally there are these which are badass because (and i dont know if anyone knows this)they have the 82airborne patch on one side as original. but if you add a drop down insignia it applies to the other arm of the uniform. Keeping the 82nd airborne tab. Nevertheless, a kneepad variation both long sleeve and short wold be great. Or as requested earlier, atleast the option to apply it. THanks for listening

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