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#1 Posted at 2020-05-15 00:14        
I noticed that if I zero my scope by holding CTRL and scrolling mouse wheel, my secondary display, showing desktop, changes icon sizes.
Somehow the windows command of "change size of active window and its contents" is leakin trought to desktop.
The same thing won't happen with PgUp/PgDn.

I was runnin Arma as vanilla, doing the long distance shooting drill when I noticed this.
No mods, only few DLC's active.
Fullscreen as fullscreen, no windowed or fullscreen windowed.

This is especially disturbing when I should have something scenario-relevant on second screen, every zeroing attempt changes the size of pictures/PDF's/browser window and stuff in it.
I am unable to reset said zoom level, normally on windows or browser you can press CTRL + 0, that sets zooming factor to zero.

Google didn't offer nothing or I didn't know right search terms.