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#1 Posted at 2020-05-20 22:54        
Hi all, if you liked the vibe and atmosphere of contact DLC, feel free to check this introductory small campaign of mine:

It's been a while since I made content that I deemed worthy of been published but I start to like the way this project is shaping so I decided to release it. Feel free to try and comment it.

Post contact crisis: a light sci-fi/investigative campaign for ARMA 3.
Episodes I and II.

With this project, I'm aiming at creating an atmospheric, light sci-fi, investigative campaign with a halo of mystery. I will be releasing it in small pills of 2-3 missions

Background story:
2 years after the first alien contact, Livonia is in deep turmoil: insurgents are rebelling against the
government. Despite that, Livonia is not seeking help from NATO, claiming they will deal with their internal
problems by themselves. In the meantime, rumours spread about a possible involment of russians or CSAT in the rebellion.
The situation is really unclear: CTRG specops team Moonshine is secretly sent to Livonia to investigate the situation.

This campaign uses assets from Contact DLC, however, it is meant to be played from within the vanilla ARMA 3 (do not launch contact)