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#1 Posted at 2020-05-21 08:46        
//update - project does no longer exist as not needed - use arma3 tools instead
As I missed that one can also use FileBank tool from ArmA 3 Tools I've written a small open source pbo packer in java myself as I didn't wanted to use other available ones.
Writes a valid ArmA3 pre-header according to BI wiki and calculates correct SHA-1 hash. Can be extracted back again with official BankRev from ArmA 3 Tools - so I guess it's at least so far compatible as the official packing tools and the engine itself can read the packed files.
Doesn't make use of compression or obfuscation - but can be easy added by forks.
May consider adding it to download section. No build tool such as maven or ant used as it's only a single class.

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