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#1 Posted at 2020-10-07 19:21        
I have a dedicated server that I host on a local machine in my home for about four to six players. I'm using TADST with much success. I'm able to boot the server, connect a headless client, run mods and custom mission packs, and accept players just fine. The issue comes later in a session when a player crashes and attempts to reconnect or someone tries to join late. The server does not show up in favorites or internet browser and they're unable to connect through friend list or direct connect as well. Everyone already connected to the server is able to continue as normal, but any late joiners/rejoiners will be completely unable to see the server until it's restarted. I'm able to connect at any time, I assume, because I'm on the same network as the server. I'm expecting it's actually an issue with my router or Windows 10 rather than the server itself but I have no idea where to look anymore. I even recently had my ISP replace my modem/router and the problem persists. Any ideas?