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Terminator resistance (SP/MP Coop 10 Players)

by Maxjoiner


Altis, Kavala City 2037....

Into the entire World, all the Tech-Com Divisions prepare
the Final Battle against the Machines.
The Human race has the last possibility to win the War,
The mission is to Destroy all the Skynet Servers, without them Skynet is dead.
You are part of Altis Tech-com Division
Your mission is to blow-up the Altis' Server.
The Server is Located in Skynet Kavala Fortress.
The Mission is not simple, the entire Tech-Com Altis Division will Attack
the Skynet postations in all the Island to create a diversive
and to avoid the sending of reinforcement.
You'll be to the command of a group of Ten brave soldiers.
First You have to get into Kavala's Fortress.
That Fortress is protected by solid walls from three HK Aerials
and Three HK Tanks and an indefinite number of T800.
Then, You have to find and destroy the three Skynet Plasma Engines.
You can find them on the Map inside of Blacks Markers.
Sometimes they can be hidden under the ruins, in this case,
It needs one explosion very powerful to destroy them.
They provide the energy to Skynet Missiles defend System.
If It is actived can hit instantly all the Humans into to Radius of 50 meters
from the Skynet' Server (Missiles Zone Yellow marker).
So It's of vital importance to destroy first all the three Skynet's Plasma Engines!
After You can try to destroy the Server:
You can find it on the Map like Blue Marker.
Warning! It necessary to destroy both the objectives showed in picture.
Also, it's protected by Walls but stronger than the first walls.
So take many explosives it needs many fireworks to blow-up
all the Skynet defenses.
It's time to write the history Soldiers!
Good Luck!

The Commander
John Connors

download link:

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Thanks for the release :-)
News is up and you can find our mirror here: