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#1 Posted at 2021-01-26 12:33        
Hi all,

I would like to ask for help:
Installed Arma2 OA and the CWR2_17 mod. Updated to version 1.62 and all seems fine on startup - I have the CWR2 screen in menu, I can see the original OFP islands in editor, videos in background are from the CWR campaign, but when I go into campaign tab I can only see the campaigns for ARMA2 OA

I tried starting up through shortcut with edited target line (there I got nice CWR screen with dedication) but no change. Downloaded Arma Launcher and tried launch addon there but still can´t see the campaigns.

I also don´t see any CWR single missions if there are any. Is there a special folder I have to insert the campaign files?

Running 64bit Windows 10.

Many thanks, Jan

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#2 Posted at 2021-01-31 14:55        
The Missions and campaigns are separate downloads and not included in CWR².

You can get them (and a lot more) from here.