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#1 Posted at 2021-02-04 00:29        
Hello Everyone,

I am searching for some older VBS 1 Addons that were available freely downloadable on the vbs resources website a longtime ago. They are listed on the bottom of this page: I was recommended to sign up here from another ARMA3 Board called comrade in arms, as they said someone might still have those here.

Here they are in writing again:

Delta Force Recon Beta
Saboteur Opfor Objective
Ground Crew
75th Rangers
Camo Faces
Tonali Special Forces
Devgru Units
African Guerilla
Desert Special Forces
BAS Special Forces 2
Ground Surveillance Radar (ADF2)
Fast Rope (ADF2) Artillery (ADF2)
Toyota Hillux (USARMY1)
SOFLAM Operator (ADF2)
Radio Operator (ADF2)
Rapier Air Defence (ADF2)

BI stopped giving support nowadays even to buying customers, so I am really left on my own I would be supremely grateful if someone still has them for this old game. I have the game with several addon cd's and usb stick but the free addons are missing unfortunately.

Of course I would be happy to receive any additional user-created content like scenarios or mods.

Thanks very much in advance