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#1 Posted at 2021-03-26 18:13        
Hi everybody, Im making a mission with multiples objectives like "Go to a location and kill a General" or "Go to another location take confidential documents and destroy enemy radar". But i have encountered a problem that is the game only support 288 NPCs, and Im looking for a way to spawn enemy units like CSAT and others to defend that locations where the objectives is, like put a trigger and activate only when a player BLUFOR enter the trigger zone. Like the Liberation mission but with tasks already determined. It's basically this, the mission starts and the players can see what tasks they have to do but only when the players "BLUFOR" gets closest to the objective the AI spawn to defend that location. I think with this mode i can make a mission with more of 288 NPCs because they only spawn when players enters the trigger. Anyway, theres a way do to this? Can someone help me with that? Thanks :)