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#1 Posted at 2021-04-20 13:15        

I want to complete a trigger once an action is completed, also I want the action to pop-up in a certain distance. I use the editor.
I have tried in code de completion : nameofthetrigger = true; but it did'nt seems to work. ( hint "Hello", works for example)
Anyone have an idea ?

Thank you

Added 22 hours 39 minutes later:

I come to keep you updated.

In the hold action menu I have enter this code in Completion :
nameofthetrigger = true ;

In a trigger's condition connected to Set Task State module (succeded) :

It seems very easy (it is...) but I had never use it.

For the distance display of the action I have this who works :
_this distance _target < 3 ;

I hope it helps someone. I feel kinda dumb to find everything after a few hours and middle-deep research and yet posting for help here ^^'.

Good day to everyone.

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