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#1 Posted at 2008-08-28 16:51        
I know that this has been in the forums but I still have problems getting it to work.

I have a Blackhawk with "get out" way point and the next way point I have "get in" with a trigger syncronized to activate by radio alpha. when I press radio alpha no chopper will apere at the LZ.
The third Blackhawk waypont is move until the LZ where i have load and synced with ground unint get in waypont.

I feel like a complet newbe here and would like a step by step tutorial.


Sorry no luck....cant figure out what Im doing wrong???

The problem was the pilot got stuck outside the chopper and looked like a bad case of parkinson.
I moved the helo a few meters and it worked like a charm.

By the way...THX for the step by step tutorial. ;-)

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#2 Posted at 2008-08-28 17:14        
right , i do a step by step.

1) place down BH
2) put 'GET OUT' waypoint in frount of BH
3) put a 'HOLD' waypoint just after the 'GET OUT' waypoint
4) put a 'GET IN' waypint attached to the BH
5) make a trigger like this: when radio alpha is present then 'switch'
6) attach this to the 'HOLD' waypiont