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#1 Posted at 2009-04-05 19:39        
I have installed ArmAlib, but cant seem to get it working. Hopefully, someone can answer a few questions for me.

Here is what I have;

call compile preprocessfile "armalib\alibinterface.sqf";
"CREATE TABLE debrief(time, killed, killer)" call SQLfast;

I have the armalib\alibinterface.sqf in the armalib folder.

Each unit calls the following script (this addEventHandler ["killed", {_this exec "killed.sqs"}])

      Killed_Array = [];
      publicVariable "Killed_Array";

          _killed_player = _this select 0;
          _killer = _this select 1;
		  _killer_name = name _killer;
		  _killed_name = name _killed_player;
		  _killer_side = side _killer;
		  _killed_side = side _killed_player;
		  killed_now = [str _killed_name + " was killed by " + str _killer_name];
          Killed_Array = Killed_Array + killed_now;
          publicVariable "Killed_Array";
		  player addEventHandler ["killed", {_this spawn _Player_Killed}];
		  a_time = time;
		  a_cnt = str count Killed_Array;
		  hint (str a_time + str Killed_Array + str a_cnt) ;
"BEGIN" call SQLfast;

  _data = ['a_time', '_killed_name', '_killer_name'];
  "INSERT INTO debrief values (a_time, _killed_name, _killer_name)" call SQL;

"COMMIT" call SQLfast;

_ddata = "SELECT * FROM MyTestTable" call getSQL;


I dont get any errors, but it seems the DB is never created. I have hunted for it but just cant find it.

So, is the database saved somewhere, if so, where. ?
Does the DB get errase on game end ?
Am I doing something wrong that prevents its creation (cant even find an empty one)

I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has used Armalib could point out my mistakes. Thank you very much

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