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#1 Posted at 2009-06-22 18:22        
This is my first MP COOP Mission.50 Players can play as Russians.
There 4 Mission Targets:
1.Destroy a Mortar battery and kill all enemys in Berezino
2.Destroy a Radar and kill all enemys in Gvozdno
3.Kill a General or take him as Prisoner
4.Destroy a C130 Transport Plane and capture Airfield

Enemys will have Air Support

Some Players can call Artilery or Supply Drops (Full Ammo Choice)
Players can build static Weapons,depending on their Class
Mobile Respawn,useable from the Base Flag
Classcheck in Armor and Planes,only Pilots are allowed to fly,only Crewmembers can use the Battletanks.
Some Vehicles habe new Ammo/weapon Choice,for example AP Ammo for Tunguska,HE Rockets for Metis and other
Medics can build Field Hospitals

I used and edited scripts from Marines:Evolution,Air Cavalery and Ammo Refill Script from Armatec

I hope you try it,but like i said,its my first Mission

EDIT: MISSION got Errors,till i fixed it please dont download or you will be disapointed.Im working on a new Version which
will be ready soon.Balancing And Bugfixes included,also more Objectives

Operation Icebreaker Co-50

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#2 Posted at 2009-06-22 18:38        
Jajaja, i had just added the mission and sent you a PM at BI forums :D


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#3 Posted at 2009-06-23 11:52        
Hi,thx for Adding my Mission to Download. I keep working on it,the Final Release will have at least 6 Objectives,and some Objectives are Critical,that means if the Players Fail the whole Mission is lost.

The Next Version will have following Changes:
New Scripts from Norrin used: Players can now ride on several Vehicles,and they can put Motorbikes and Bycicles on some
Vehicles too.I also will add a simply Halo Parachute Jump,players will be able to Halo Jump when they choose the ActionMenu entry that shows,when they walk close to a C130 Plane.

The next Version will also have a useable Mortar for the Player Side.An Vehicle will be used as "Mortar Transport".
Selected Players will have the posibility to build a 81mm Mortar when they are close to this Vehicle.The Vehicle will
have Ammo for the Mortar too.

Planned Release: Dunno,i dont now how much work i will have with Norrins Scripts,i also need to test the Mortar functionality.
It wouldnt make sense when the player can shoot the mortar without any posibilty to aim.

EDIT: An other Function i will add is a Anti-Idiot Script...
Every player that fires his Weapon in Base will loose all his Weapons immediatly,he can walk to a Crate and get new Weapons,but i bet he looses the "Fun" when after 1 shot he looses all his Weapons again :)
Second Anti-Idiot Function will transform Teamkillers,who kill more than 1 Teammate (1 Teamkill is considered as Accident)
into a Pig.He can Respawn and Play again,so its not forever.

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