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#1 Posted at 2009-06-29 14:01        
Hi all, in the solo mod, there's a lot of script which are looking good, and i want them, for example, on the LHD in the first mission, they close doors and turn off lights, and i don't know any script for doing that!
If you can help me, i'll be grateful of you for the rest of my life!! Thanks.

EDIT : It's ok, i found how to make those doors working in ArmA 2, you just need to type : this animate [dveremale, 1] and this animate [dveremale1, 1] to open them or this animate [dveremale, 0] and this animate [dveremale1, 0] to close them into the init line of the third and fourth part of the LHD (the one you can get in the jon editor), and this animate [dveremale, 1] and this animate ["dverevelkeL", 1];this animate ["dverevelkeR", 1] in the seventh part of the LHD, to open the door on the deck.

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