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By: Deadly Rakkasan

Mission Objectives
Sniper (BLUFOR): Assassinate the 5 Warlords
There is a small presence of drug warlords on the island of Utes. Your mission is to assassinate the 5 warlords and avoid being detected by the guerrilla patrols in the area.

Patrols (OPFOR): Eliminate the Sniper
Civilians in the area report seeing a Marine sniper coming to shore on the western coast of Utes. Your mission is hunt down and eliminate the enemy sniper.

Player Count
Obj 5

Mission Notes
This mission uses Kronzky's "Urban Patrol Script".

Place the mission file in the following directory:
..\Arma 2\MPMissions

Sniper (1 vs 4)

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Thanks, armaholic page added.