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#1 Posted at 2009-07-12 09:07        
Hey All,

Got the UAV working on Dominations Dedi..... details below But i hit a rock,

when you respawn, the UAV modules deactivates. ???? Bloody BIS made

the modules local to the server.

Domination with Stealth UAV & SECOPS

NOTE: When you died or respawn, say good bye to the UAV system But

still alot of fun......


Only support only... Artillery, Air support
AND ONLY Secops Operator call sign RAZOR can access it

Artillery has a boundary limit to it

TIPS: Press space them click communications then request. When you

wanna use the secop.


Anyone can use the UAV (only on spy missions not attack missions.)

AND ONLY the UAV operator can ACTIVATE the UAV system and execute

attack missions and spy missions (UAV OPERATOR bottom slot must be

selected before missions start). At missions start a UAV terminal should

spawn near the base flag.

If your NOT the UAV operator do not waste the UAV ammo, ONLY UAV

operator can access it

Karmichael's Predator: (The Stealth Predator)
Predator is packed with GBU bombs (get someone to paint some targets

or laser target) And hellfire missiles. AI will NOT shot you down coz your



Q = increase set height
Z = decrease set height
W = Increase set speed
S = decrease set speed
B = Set UAV marker
tab = To lock on targets and scroll through targets
- = Zoom out
+ = Zoom in

M = Open map

TIP: Open map, you have 4 waypoints, Click on the map untill you have

long straight line to the objective, this makes it easier spot enemies and

shot/lock on targets. Increase set height around mountains.

Scroll/roll middle mouse button for brightness. Scroll/roll up to dull the


LEFT MOUSE: Fire rockets, bombs

TIP: To keep yourself safe stay near the flag where its protected by high



The C130 is a carpet bomber with GBU's and Mark 8. AND u can also halo

jump from the C130. It spawns at base when shot down.


The UH-1Y Venom is packed with AIR to GROUND missiles and AIR to

AIR missiles . The venom crew chief can hose down the baddies with a

20mm gatling gun.

Everything else is domination normal......

I only tested it out my dedi server network. WORKS. Can you fellas test it

out for me... with more than 2 people..

Its not the best with the modules but very playable and team work fun with

the UAV......

Suggestions and ideas is welcomed..... Help or Corrections on scripts will

be awesome

Credit and thanks:
To Xeno, kiljoy, sickboy and all the Domination nuts out there.

Enjoy and happy birthday

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#2 Posted at 2009-07-12 20:48        
I'll add it tomorrow.

[EDIT]: Thanks, armaholic mirror added to your post.

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#3 Posted at 2009-07-12 23:22        
Hi there mate great idea however one small snag, ive came across is this. No mater what time you set the map at it starts you at night. Tried all sorts of times including 13:00/03:00/18: and so on and so forth still dark o'clock.
Also when you drop the gau's they fall from the top of the planes upper hull/fuselage thru the plane(cabin)then floor. Which some times causes the plane to blow up.
It looks weird as hell im sure some one can help you out withh an appropriate animation.

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#4 Posted at 2009-07-16 16:59        

Its only set to night (default) when your HOSTING the mission. This version works good, only on a dedicated server. You can manually config the setting by unpacking the PBO and opening it with editor and changing it. As the for animation of the bombs on the fly upside down:eek:eek:eek