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#1 Posted at 2009-07-31 14:01        

Here we go again !!!
i want to share the new crcti wich is modified by Angryinsects and S.G.E. !
This Mod uses Addons and a config file so you will need to start the modfolder with your ArmA II to play !

At the moment we are at version v0.3 so its beta till 1.0 !!!
We are working on balancing in prices & armour and stuff like that to have more fair play.

Whats new ?
-Viewdistance reduced for Aircrafts and AA vehicles
-New Marker ( removed those Bricks and circles crap)
-Gunship on East (UTKA)
-F16 for West (Myke)
-AH 6 and MH6 for West (Cyborg11)
-CH47 Chinhook for West (Smiley Nick)
-MV22 for East (25 pers trans)
-Shilka for East
-added Animals (10%)
-activated Civilians (penalty for kill/no more frag town from far)
-removed Teamswitch (bullshit)
-added Beam tents (spawn like in MFCTI(OFP/Mike Melvin) )
-No more chopper raping over the hole map (scanrange reduced to 2,5km)
-changed starweapons (better ones so keep your $ )
-added Support BMP at startpoint
-and everything that i forgot now ;)

we will keep the work and add some more vehicles,weapons,buildings and features in the future! for example new walls for basebuild.
here some screens:



- Mission v0.3

In future we will add keys to gain the adventure.
Stay tuned for further updates and visit us on Angryinsects and S.G.E servers or Websites.

credits: Mike Melvin (MFCTI),Cleanrock (SWEC),DVD (Hotshots),Jack Hammersmith,DR.Eyeball,Squeeze (OGN) and the whole CTI Comm from OFP,A1 and A2 and all Addonmakers....


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#2 Posted at 2009-07-31 19:03        
Thanks armaholic page added:

CRCTI Angry@sge v01-08-2009

Little Birds
F-16 Fighting Falcon
Extra Units and Vehicles
RAF Chinook
SDP cannon fix
GLT Missilebox
SGE config (included)

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