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#1 Posted at 2009-08-28 01:59        
Hey fella's,
I am trying to complete the main campaign "Dogs of War" mission amidst too many frustrating bugs too mention, and razor team are amazing bullet magnets! i have taken over half dozen towns and i am at stary or novy sobor and it is night time, for some clever reason we dont have "night vision" !??! :S and i am getting killed by enemies that are reported @ grid 60004584 (wtf is that, why does the player want to hear grid bs? i want target location. this is OFP all over again).
Anyway does any1 have a solution to this, do i hav to leave pc on overnight just to wait till daytime to fight??? cos i cant seem to buy NV, any ideas please!

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#2 Posted at 2009-08-28 03:09        
Maybe next time you should try searching for existing topics before starting a new one and you will find ones like this. There are also a few other's about the mission in particular, but this one is about the same problem that you have.

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