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#1 Posted at 2009-11-04 17:03        
I have a mission where I have filled an MTVR with a variety of weapons and ammo using the addWeaponCargo and addMagazineCargo functions. Retrieving these items works without a problem, but if I try to put something in the truck, such as by first picking up one weapon and then replacing it with another, the first weapon and its ammo end up on the ground next to the truck. I would like for them to go back into the truck.

(1) My first thought was that the items don't fit, but I have been able to add 400+ M4A1s to the MTVR via the addWeaponCargo function. There were far fewer weapons in the truck when this problem occurred. Also, aren't functions that add items beyond an element's capacity ignored? I know this is at least true for soldiers so I would assume the same for vehicles.
(2) If these commands are not ignored, is it possible to add weapons via a function that could not be put there by a user in-game? In other words, could the function over-fill the MTVR but then not allow a user to put a weapon in in-game?
(3) Or is it something related to the way in which items are put in the truck to begin with, with those two functions? In-game I can put a weapon in a HMMWV for example, and then switch it with the weapon I'm carrying without it ending up on the ground.

Any ideas/pointers/recommendations?