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#1 Posted at 2010-01-06 10:12        
Chenarus warzone

This is a co-op mission were you and your buddys (17 of them) can go around chenarus doing missions and capturing bases.

This mission never ends, because you will always have something to do (sec ops' ) Veicles will respawn but not players (so try not to die)

The only way it can end if all the playable blufors are killed.

Addons needed : None

This is the first version so it isn't the best mission ever
17 players
Will be making new versions (ones w/o addons)
Extract to \arma 2\MPMissions

Download link :


BI (for a great game )
[10-78]KatdogFizzow (for chenarus pow camp)
Dalia (for US Base)
Tophe (for Simple Vehicle Respawn)