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#16 Posted at 2010-02-05 16:07        
Taipan :
Got the ACE Wounding System working <yippee>. Only have two pieces of feedback for the mission. 1) Tasks seem to take a while to activate. For example after clearning the Barn at the Target location it takes a while before the map appears on the table. 2) I would find it better if the SF Team which remains at the original Hotel location could join the final assault to free the hostages. Any am enjoying the mission :yes


Glad you hear you're enjoying the mission, be sure to check out my other release Operation Jackal's Hunt!

I'm gonna update Cold Harvest today or this weekend to remove the Ace2 wounding system since Ace2 doesnt technically support SP and the wounding system is so buggy, as well as remove Robert Hammer's Pistol Pack requirement. Otherwise the mission will remain the same, but thanks for the feedback! As tempted as I am to continue to rework the missions I'm gonna focus on my next project, The Spooky Six:
The Spooky Six Teaser Trailer