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#1 Posted at 2010-02-02 03:31        
I REALLY love the overall realism of this game, however I find the team death match multiplayer totally destroys the realism by allowing respawns. The question I have is this:

Is there a way to play Team Death Match, but have NO respawns? So if you die, thats it, you spectate until one team is completely annihilated, then the round can be over and you could create a new game, or better yet, a new round starts automatically with everyone on both teams alive.

For those of you familiar with the game Counter Strike; I am looking to enjoy the realism of ARMAII combined with the game play mode of Counter Strike.

Thanks very much for your time.


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#2 Posted at 2010-02-02 07:23        
Of course that is possible. Edit the mission and remove the respawn.

Topic moved to ArmA 2 missions, not sure why you wanted to post an ArmA 2 mission related question in the Armed Assault general forums.