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-Can you introduce yourself?
ADO © GMC 37 years, Savoyard, married with 4 grown children.
Technician case lighting in a large group.
Computer enthusiast since my childhood.
Got to put internet in late 2000.
Family and especially intensive job.

-Where does the pseudo ADOGMC?
Simple ADO ADO clan member (shadow army) since its creation in OFP.
G my name as Gerard.
MC as my surname.

-What is your role in the clan ADO, its objectives?
ADO in the clan I am a member of the TE (Team Elite) managers in any manner.
Our job to maintain and moderate the site and forum Clan ADO
And occasionally distributed cost of Whips.

-How did you get the idea to create addons ?
- Since when you create addons?
it came slowly may be by fatigue under ofp I tested, persevered with periods of high and low
despite also critical (non-constructive criticism of course. those who hurt and who are free)
As Néréflo suffers in this difficult period. Then hang on my little Nene.

-How long do you have to create these addons for ARMA 2 ADDO Unit ?
After a big slump soon after the release of my addons in armed units and the lack of time,
I picked taste really early January. Meanwhile I tried some new techniques on the 3D and texturing and new RVMat.

-How much time do you spend per day for the sport ?
By day I say one hour maximum week after the weekend I loosen up a bit more I would say 5 hours Max.
Hard to reconcile work and family life busy with his hobby.

-Have you already made another addon ago
Yes, under ofp and arma of course.
Units and weapons in OFP and ARMA.
The ADO camera a little addon for every single man King of Capri Video.
Other things in my cartoons not even out for Team ADO as the Canon TRF1, Vehicles (VLRA, TRM4000, 2000, GBC, Berlier KTM submarines pocket booster for hubert)

-What programming languages do you manage?
There has long been the visual basic and a little C + + but now prescription.c there is an oversight.

-What advice would you give ADDON MAKER?
As I said earlier perseverance and keep only the good reviews that make you move, research research because much of BIS for my taste and this is only my opinion
does not help much addons Makkers.
A wiki messy and too poor for my taste and mostly done by the community.
I found that BIS did not consult them enough for the makers of games changes or modifications made to.
celas does that with their A game and I'd never done 3D without them.

-Do you have websites, games, software favorites?
For sites all sites dedicated to ARMA2,
games for a little while but only the world really attracts me arma.

-What about overtime?.
Thank you to jack you pulled up the community Fr
I advise players to go on this site which for me is a very good site.

Thank you for answering my questions!

interview 16/03/2010 JacKFrench