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Terrain Object Replacement Modules b3lx released version 1.02 of the Terrain Object Replacement Modules on the BI forums.

adds modules to easily mass replace or delete terrain objects.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons / Miscellaneous by b3lx on 2020-12-27


Dagger Mod (ACE) QuickDagger released version 0.41 of the Dagger Mod (ACE) on the BI forums.

Dagger mod is a low cost serious long range shooting simulation platform. It brings many sniper scope reticles which fully work on range estimation, holds and target lead trainning.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons / Weapons by QuickDagger on 2020-12-27
[SP/CO-06] The ISIL Foothold Gunter Severloh released version 1.21 of the [SP/CO-06] The ISIL Foothold on the BI forums.

After a recent reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan, intel reports ISIL forces have established a foothold in the Southwestern area of Kunduz using local Afghan compounds as their place of operations. Your mission is to locate and clear these compounds

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Scenarios / Co-op missions by Gunter Severloh on 2020-12-27


S.C.A.R -- Enemy Spawner Von Quest released version 1.00 of the S.C.A.R -- Enemy Spawner on the BI forums.

This is the Stand-Alone Module system of my DARK Project from SpookWarCom. Fully customizable, and intensely dynamic game-play for any and ALL ArmA Maps.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons / Miscellaneous by Von Quest on 2020-12-26
ArmaRig for Blender Macser released version 6.3 of the ArmaRig for Blender on the BI forums.

is a constrained Ik rig to assist with generating RTMs, with Alwarren's Arma toolbox in mind.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Editing / Tools by Macser on 2020-12-23
R3F Vehicules released version 1.2 of the R3F Vehicules on the Steam Workshop.

is an addon containing vehicles used by the French military forces. Created at the end of ArmA 3, several versions of the Small Protected Vehicle are available, in CE and DAGUET camouflage.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons / Vehicles / Packs by on 2020-12-22
R3F Armes Team R3F released version 3.7.1 of the R3F Armes on the Steam Workshop.

R3F French Weapons Pack is a french's army weapons and accessories addon.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons / Weapons by Nanucq on 2020-12-22
Deadly Warlands 1 Unluckymonster released version 1.1 of the Deadly Warlands 1.

Story-driven open-world mission inspired by Ubisoft Far Cry franchise set in civil-war torn Lingor where majority of enemy units weaponry is semi-randomized.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Scenarios / SP missions by Unluckymonster on 2020-12-20
can be used released version v1.1 of the can be used.

This items appears to be missing a description. Visit the information page to read more about the can be used release

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Scenarios / SP missions by on 2020-12-20
Ravaged and Frithified Gear EO released version 1.20 of the Ravaged and Frithified Gear on the BI forums.

A selection of retextured vanilla backpacks, vests and headgear to enhance your post-apocalyptic survival experience.

Published in: Downloads / Arma 3 / Addons / Gear by EO on 2020-12-19

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