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Middle Eastern Rebels  Middle Eastern Rebels   (Hits: 34697) Date: 2011-11-24
 Short description: Generic Middle Eastern rebels

 Author: Someguywho
 Version: 1.0 fixed
 Signed: Yes, serverkey included

 Requirements: Arma 2

 Tags: Libya, Middle East, Rebels
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MAFCExt  MAFCExt   (Hits: 84774) Date: 2014-06-02
 Short description: This mod contains vehicles, planes, helicopters not present in the mod OFrP for now

 Author: Studio MAF
 Version: 4.1
 Signed: Yes, serverkey included

 Requirements: Community Base addons, Operation Frenchpoint (OFrP), Arma 2

 Tags: France, French, Maf, Ofrp
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Macedonian Armed Forces (APM)  Macedonian Armed Forces (APM)   (Hits: 19185) Date: 2012-06-24
 Short description: This contains many different Macedonian Armed Forces units, weapons and vehicles.

 Author: GossamerSolid
 Version: 1.00
 Signed: Yes, serverkey included

 Requirements: Arma 2

 Tags: Macedonian
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Module AF (All Fuel)  Module AF (All Fuel)   (Hits: 19892) Date: 2012-06-18
 Short description: The module has been designed to work client side in controlling consumption of the vehicle with some exceptions such as air refueling capacity, that are wholly run by the game server

 Author: RAVEN
 Version: 1.0

 Requirements: No addons required

 Tags: No tags
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