In this section you can find all available wheeled addons for Arma 3.
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EPA Renault Midlum  EPA Renault Midlum   (Hits: 7041) Date: 2017-04-14
 Short description: EPA Renault Midlum, with beacons, swivel ladder but not extendable at the moment.

 Author: [FR]Charlieco89
 Version: 0.7
 Signed: No

 Requirements: No addons required

 Tags: Civilian, Fire-Brigade, Modern, Renault, Vehicle, Wheeled
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EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension)  EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension)   (Hits: 166253) Date: 2015-01-15
 Short description: This is an extention pack for HAFM_HMMWV's.

 Author: MrEwok
 Version: 0.3.8
 Signed: Yes, serverkey included

 Requirements: HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import

 Tags: Ewk, Extension, Hafm, Hmmwv, M1151
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EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension) - ruPal Edit  EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension) - ruPal Edit   (Hits: 59775) Date: 2015-06-10
 Short description: Based upon the EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension) by MrEwok this pack gonna add all HMMWV's form arma2 and more, with upgraded visual an features.

 Author: MrEwok & ruPal
 Version: 1.0
 Signed: No

 Requirements: No addons required

 Tags: No tags
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