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Darth Potato's Building Compositions  Darth Potato's Building Compositions   (Hits: 3564) Date: 2017-12-26
 Short description: The mod will add building composition options to your 3D Editor and Zeus Menu. The best part? Since the buildings are placed on client, the server you are using this mod on doesn't need to have the mod!

 Author: Darth Potato

 Tags: Compositions, Base, Support, Fictional, Industrial, Storage, Humanitarian Compounds, Refugee Camp, Field Hospital, Roadblock, Military Compounds, Civilian
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Desert Canyon  Desert Canyon   (Hits: 218) Date: 2020-11-09
 Short description: adds a small canyon in a desert - mostly useful for screenshots. You can also pretend it's spintire or test your vehicles around in it.

 Author: JPAB97S
 Version: 1.00

 Tags: Composition, Fictional, Desert, Desert Canyon, Canyon
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