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Kosovo Liberation Army - KLA  Kosovo Liberation Army - KLA   (Hits: 16035) Date: 2021-03-04
 Short description: This mod represents the image of Kosovo Albanian terrorists as they looked in the past of 1999.

 Author: Iron Regiment Team
 Version: 1.1.13
 Signed: Yes, serverkey included

 Requirements: Community Base addons A3, RHSAFRF, RHSGREF, RHSSAF, RHSUSAF, NIArms FAL Rifles, NIArms Core, NIArms G3 Rifles,

 Tags: Mod, Weapons, Gear, Vehicle, Units, Equipment, Military, Opfor, Independent, Modern, Uck, Terorists, Kosovo, Metohija
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KGB Bundeswehr ReTexPack  KGB Bundeswehr ReTexPack   (Hits: 24526) Date: 2015-09-28
 Short description: Contains re-textures off the BI Strider and Kuma to change them into the Fennek and the Leopard 2.

 Author: [KGB]Kampfgruppe Berserker
 Version: 1.1
 Signed: No

 Requirements: BWMod

 Tags: Bundeswehr, Retexture
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Kosovo Conflict Modern Warfare  Kosovo Conflict Modern Warfare   (Hits: 28721) Date: 2015-02-14
 Short description: This is the third modification of the Serbian army. In this modification, there are real units of the Serbian army and there are units UCK army.

 Author: GP Team
 Version: 1.0
 Signed: Yes,serverkey,included

 Requirements: NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons, RDS Static Weapons Pack, SP Pack, Trixie's Rifle Pack

 Tags: Counter, Serbian, Serbian Army, Terrorist, Uck Army
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KAT - Advanced Medical  KAT - Advanced Medical   (Hits: 10592) Date: 2019-03-21
 Short description: The ACE Advanced Medical System is nice, but we can do it better, even on a more realistic way and bring it on another level with these addons.

 Author: Katalam
 Signed: Yes, server key included

 Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3), Community Base addons A3, ADV - ACE CPR

 Tags: Mod, Mechanics, Ace, Medical
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Kosovo Liberation Army (RHS Edition)  Kosovo Liberation Army (RHS Edition)   (Hits: 6259) Date: 2017-05-28
 Short description: This version is designed for use with RHS, and is, after some major changes, a more accurate representation of the Kosovo Liberation Army than that of the CBA version.

 Author: Dropkiwi
 Version: 0.2
 Signed: Yes


 Tags: No tags
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